Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Experience

I started my career in IT with Wipro Limited as a Technical Support Associate

- I aptly provided technical assistance for resolving issues with Routers, Laptops, and Palmtops over the phone by effectively using both technical & soft skills.

-I played a key role as Technical Support Associate for Application software and ISP (Internet Service Providers).

After my stint in Wipro Limited, I did my full time management course in Systems (Information Technology) from BIM (Bharathidasan Institute of Management) and got placed in SBI Funds.

 - I was a Management Trainee for about 12 months and then I was promoted as Senior Manager in 2008

Some Notable achievements

- Played a stellar role in implementing and executing Talisma - a CRM application used for interfacing with the customer (Investor) as well as setting up a new contact centre with IVR and speech recognition software for automated response to investor’s queries thereby reducing operator cost by 30%

- Migrated the network backbone from leased line to MPLS Technology and improved the uptime by 20%

- Pivotal in implementing Virtualisation (VMware/Hyper-v) & Storage solution for improved application performance and consolidation of servers thereby reducing operational costs by 40%

- Pivotal in implementing Disk-based Backup solution with source based de-duplication technology for taking backup of critical servers and desktops thereby shortening backup/recovery time by 90%

After my tenure as Senior Manager - Information Technology for 2 years I got promoted as Chief Manager in 2010 and I continued to work for SBI Funds till 2015.

Currently I'm associated with HSBC Software Development Private Limited (HSDL), Mumbai as Senior Consultant Specialist (Information Technology) handling business transformation projects.

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