Sunday, August 16, 2009

A walk in the garden

Let the old gates open for a new paradise
As I walk in the garden
Wading flamingos didn’t fail to entice
This captivating feeling is well over a trillion

The dance of painted ladies
The song of yellow-billed cuckoo
Closing my eyelids against the flurries
Drowning with a feeling which I cannot subdue

Tiny rocks against the stream
Sparkling dew drops on leaves
Stunning loveliness which I strive to redeem
A spider’s work which I try to unweave

I vanish to become one
To pass out of sight, to pass out of existence
The pulsating flora is still virgin
Feeling the Warmth of unheard silence

A walk in the garden
Where time ceases to exist
Oh! What a fortune
Crimson flowers waiting to be kissed

The garden walk
Joyous joy defying calculus
Gates close with a tick of the clock
The first moonbeam ends my garden walk

+ four-line poem with a form (ABAB)

Category : Nature , - Garden

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Let it drizzle !!

When the last streak of light hides
Frozen crystals get the silver lining
Withered leaves discover the mechanics of falling
With the breeze she swings, she sways, she glides

Yet another romance between earth and sky
Waiting to treat us with refreshing scent
And the cloud waits with full of love unsent
I see birds on the line flyby

Sky teaches geometry flashing multicolored arc
The pores on the leaves, the leaves on the trees
Longing to taste the sphere-shaped honeys
The scene before the drizzle and its shimmering hallmark

Let it drizzle
Let it shower with all the beauty of its touch
Trapping my heart with mesmerizing clutch
Let it drizzle, the scenic beauty, the ravishing ripple

Hey rain god can you hear me?
Please don’t rain, just drizzle
Please don’t rain, just drizzle

+ four-line poem with a form (ABBA)

Category: Nature - Rain