Sunday, August 16, 2009

A walk in the garden

Let the old gates open for a new paradise
As I walk in the garden
Wading flamingos didn’t fail to entice
This captivating feeling is well over a trillion

The dance of painted ladies
The song of yellow-billed cuckoo
Closing my eyelids against the flurries
Drowning with a feeling which I cannot subdue

Tiny rocks against the stream
Sparkling dew drops on leaves
Stunning loveliness which I strive to redeem
A spider’s work which I try to unweave

I vanish to become one
To pass out of sight, to pass out of existence
The pulsating flora is still virgin
Feeling the Warmth of unheard silence

A walk in the garden
Where time ceases to exist
Oh! What a fortune
Crimson flowers waiting to be kissed

The garden walk
Joyous joy defying calculus
Gates close with a tick of the clock
The first moonbeam ends my garden walk

+ four-line poem with a form (ABAB)

Category : Nature , - Garden